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OPNsense (Encrypted)


OPNsense is an open-source firewall, used in both consumer and commercial environments.

OPNsense utilizes Unbound, which has built-in DNS over TLS support, with the configuration being accessible in the GUI.

Backup Time!

Before making changes to a production environment, we recommend backing up the existing configuration


  • Navigate to Services -> Unbound DNS -> DNS over TLS on the left-side menu
    • Click the + button
      • Add 4 entries, using in the Verify CN Field, and 853 in the Server Port: field.

Server IP: Server IP: Server IP: 2620:fe::fe Server IP: 2620:fe::9


If your network does not have IPv6, which you can test here, then IPv6 addresses should not be added, as it may result in a percentage of your DNS requests failing.

  • Click Apply to save the changes.

  • Navigate to System -> Settings -> General on the left-side menu.

  • Disable Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN

  • Click Save
  • Click Apply at the top of the page

Verify Configuration

To confirm that OPNsense is now sending your queries via DNS over TLS, you can run a packet capture in command line, such as:

tcpdump -i em0 'port 853'


You may have to adjust the interface name from em0 to that of your device's WAN interface.

You can also test from a macOS, Linux, or Windows system that is connected to this OPNsense router/firewall.

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