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Quad9 is a Swiss-based, non-profit organization which operates a privacy-and-security focused, open DNS recursive service for the masses, which is used by an estimated tens of millions of devices worldwide, and is intended for everyone, from home users to large-scale enterprises.

Quad9 is funded in part by users just like you. If you value our service, please consider donating.


Why Quad9?

Privacy by law

Quad9 will never log/record enduser IP addresses. Ever.

These are not just words on a website. As an organization based in Switzerland, Quad9 is bound by strict Swiss internet privacy laws.


When using Quad9's industry-leading threat blocking secure service (, Quad9 will block DNS requests destined for domains associated with malicious intent, such as those associated with malware, viruses, adware, phishing, scams, etc.


Quad9 supports DNS over TLS (DoT), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and DNSCrypt.

Questions / Support

For any questions about Quad9 or our documentation, contact us!

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