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ChromeOS (Chromebook)


Quad9 Connect is an Android application compatible with ChromeOS using the Google Play Store. It creates a secure tunnel between the device and Quad9 for sending DNS queries via DNS over Quad9 Connect provides additional features like a query log, one-click service switching, and the ability to report false positives from the Query Log.

Quad9 Connect is not a VPN, but uses the VPN functionality of the device to achieve encrypted DNS and the features associated with the application. When Quad9 Connect is enabled, it is not possible to use another VPN connection at the same time. If using a VPN, consider setting Quad9's DNS servers in the "Custom DNS" settings of your VPN client.


  • Install Quad9 Connect

    • In the Google Play Store, search for and install the app: Quad9 Connect
  • Display Preference

    • You can choose how you want the app to be displayed: Phone, Tablet, or Resizable. You can select your preference.
  • Read and click OK when prompted for the connection request.

You have to connect to this VPN to use Quad9 Connect.

  • Click the play icon to connect!

The number ‘9’ and VPN key logo should appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Verify Configuration

To confirm you're using Quad9, visit:

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